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Internal medicine physicians (internists) are primary care doctors who specialize in the non-surgical treatment adults. Internists are knowledgeable about a broad range of adult symptoms and diseases, making them particularly adept at caring for patients with both simple and complex problems.The practice of internal medicine is considered a comprehensive specialty and because of the internist’s ability to view the patient as a whole, they serve a critical role in managing and coordinating health care across all stages of an adult’s life. Doctors Roussel, Yoder & Day are specially trained to help prevent, detect, and treat diseases in adults including:

Chronic Diseases

✓ Diabetes

✓ High blood pressure
✓ High cholesterol
✓ Asthma
✓ Hypothyroidism
✓ Arthritis
✓ Depression

Acute Complaints

✓ Infections

✓ Abdominal issues

✓ Rashes

✓ Joint pain

✓ Headaches.

Preventative Care

✓ Vaccines

✓ Annual wellness exams 

✓ Recommending cancer screenings

✓ Encouraging healthy lifestyle habits

✓ Working with patients to help control risk factors
      such as elevated blood pressure, obesity, elevated blood sugars and high cholesterol.

Whether visiting our practice for a particular complaint or an annual check-up, Harrisonburg Internal Medicine’s physicians and mid-level providers focus on each patient’s overall health. We often create long-term care plans which can include medication management, diagnostic testing, and collaboration with specialists. We look forward to getting to know you and developing a plan based on your individual needs.